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Retrofit Kits for Existing Inverters


# Convert Normal Inverter into Solar

# High effenciency Charging Technology

# Automatic Temprature Compensation  

System charges the batteries in pure DC which is made by the solar panels so the charging is more efficient. Solarcon is equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation Technology and DT 6S – Six Stage Charging Technology. These features are excellent for the life and health of battery.

Increased Battery Life = More Savings

Save Money by Running Your House on Solar


System lets you charge batteries from solar panels instead of mains. You can run your entire house on solar as Solarcon intelligently switches the mains off when batteries are fully charged through solar. You make savings on your electricity bill as you take NOTHING from the grid when Solarcon is on.

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Solar Street Lights: 

Solar streetlight is a stand-alone solar system consisting of a pole, battery bank, photovoltaic module and LED or CFL luminaires. The use of solar power coupled with energy-efficient luminaires make this doubly environment friendly. The configuration can be customised to the wattage and brightness required and it can be designed for dusk to dawn operations with the required number of days of autonomy.

These solar lighting systems offer an environment friendly and economical option to light up streets, boulevards, highways, yards, compounds, parks, boundary walls, car parking areas, military and civilian security installations, airports, ports or indeed, any public space.

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Solar Panels: 

Solar Panels form Tier 1 Compaies of Iindia.

Panels available in various sizes 

100 Wp 

150 Wp

200 Wp

250 Wp 

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Havells Enviro Solar PCU 1 kW to 10 kw


Features  :  Havells Enviro Solar PCU enrichs with all the quality of Havells legasy, however salient features are as below 

  • KW (Solar) = kw (Load) - Load capacity same as SPV modules
  • 2/3 Channels interleaved PMW with MPPT : for efficient charging
  • Wide Range MPPT suitable for 36,60 & 72 Cells SPV Module
  • Auto Selectable Priority Mode (Solar/Grid)- for uninterrupted power & savings on grid power. 
  • Pure Sine Wave Technology : recommended for better life of industrial /commercial equipment. 
  • Intelligent Battery Charging- 3 stage (Bulk, Abosrption & flot) charging - enhance batert life. 
  • Automatic Transfer from Grid to Solar when Battery full & Solar Available.